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AKC Retriever Field Trials

Retriever field trials offer practical demonstrations of a dog's ability to perform, in the field, the functions for which it was bred. Dogs compete against each other for placements and points toward their championships.

In a retriever field trial, the dogs compete against each other for placements and points toward their championships. Successful dogs earn an FC (Field Champion) title in front of their names on AKC records. Dogs can also earn an AFC (Amateur Field Championship) in Amateur Stakes.

Retrievers are tested on their ability to remember ("mark") the location of downed birds and to return those birds to their handlers. Both hunting tests and field trials have different levels of difficulty, requiring dogs to mark multiple birds and find unmarked birds ("blind retrieves") at higher levels.

The eligible breeds are Chesapeake Bay, Curly- Coated, Flat-Coated, Golden and Labrador Retrievers and Irish Water Spaniels.

For more information on the rules and regulations of field trials, visit the AKC web site.

Local Trials

The Fairbanks Retriever Club hosts two field trials each year, held on back-to-back weekend. The 2014 field trials will be held July 4-6 and July 11-13, 2013 at the Chena Flood Control Project southeast of Fairbanks, Alaska. Entry is available through Entry Express.

Past Field Trial Results

2009 through current go to Entry Express to see results

2008 FRC Field Trial

2007 FRC Field Trial

2006 FRC Field Trial

2005 FRC Field Trial

2004 FRC Field Trial

2003 FRC Field Trial

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